Holocene variations in Asian monsoon moisture: a bidecadal sediment record from the South China Sea

Wang, L. J.; Sarnthein, M.; Erlenkeuser, H.; Grootes, P. M.; Grimalt, J. O.; Pelejero, C.; Linck, G.
Geophysical Research Letters
The East Asian monsoon system involves extensive transport of sensible/latent heat between land and sea and from low to high latitudes. Our high resolution, bidecadal marine records present a first detailed history of monsoon climate change over the Holocene. The high-amplitude perturbation in monsoon moisture centered at 8,150 years ago and the monsoon maximum in the Early Holocene show interhemispheric teleconnections to both a cool episode in Greenland and to the Indian monsoon monitored in the Arabian Sea. Periodicities of 84, 102 and, especially, near 775 years in monsoon variation suggest a climatic forcing both by long-term oscillations in thermohaline circulation and (possibly) solar activity cycles. [References: 19] 19
Climate. Boundary. Events. Ocean.
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