High resolution UK37-temperature reconstructions in the South China Sea over the last 220 kyrs

Pelejero, C.; Grimalt, J. O.; Heilig, S.; Kienast, M.; Wang, L.
Past sea surface temperatures (SST) in the northern and southern areas of the South China Sea have been reconstructed for the past 220 kyr using the UK37 alkenone index. The SST profiles follow the glacial/interglacial pattern exhibiting differences between Last Glacial Maximum and Holocene that are 1-3ºC larger than those observed at the same latitudes in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In Termiantion I boh planktonic foraminiferal and SST exhibit well-defined Bølling-Allerød and Younger Dryas events with temperature differences between both periods of 0.8 and 0.4ºC in north and south, respectively. SSTs record a constant north-south difference of 1ºC in the interglacials an nearly 2.5ºC in the glacial stages. These differences define two distinct climatic and waer circulation patterns that correspond with glacial/interglacial sea level oscillations which opened and closed water exchange with the tropical Ino-Pacific Ocean through the present Sunda Shelf.
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