Photogrammetric Surveys and Geometric Processes to Analyse and Monitor Red Coral Colonies

Royer, J. -P.; Nawaf, M. M.; Merad, D.; Saccone, M.; Bianchimani, O.; Garrabou, J.; Ledoux, J. -.; López-Sanz, A.; Drap, P.
This article describes the set of photogrammetric tools developed for the monitoring of Mediterranean red coral Corallium rubrum populations. The description encompasses the full processing chain: from the image acquisition to the information extraction and data interpretation. The methods applied take advantage of existing tools and new, innovative and specific developments in order to acquire data on relevant ecological information concerning the structure and functioning of a red coral population. The tools presented here are based on: (i) automatic orientation using coded quadrats; (ii) use of non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) and 3D skeletonization techniques; (iii) computation of distances between colonies from a same site; and (iv) the use of a plenoptic approach in an underwater environment.
NPR,climate change,coded targets,conservation biology,orthophoto,plenoptic,red coral,skeleton,underwater photogrammetry
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