High resolution UK37 sea surface temperature reconstruction in the Norwegian Sea during the Holocene

Calvo, E.; Grimalt, J. O.; Jansen, E.
Quaternary Science Reviews
A study of the C37 alkenone distributions in core MD952011 from the Norwegian Sea (about 65ºN) has allowed to evaluate the applicability of the UK37 and UK'37 indexes in these cold waters. The use of the first defined UK37 appears to be the most appropriate to estimate sea surface temperatures (SST) allowing a high resolution SST reconstruction for the Holocene section. At this site, the warmest SST values were recorded during the first half of the Holocene, between 8.5 and 5.5 ka BP, after a gradual warming. Since then, the SST evolution of the late Holocene exhibits a cooling trend towards present values, in concordance with the decreasing summer insolation at these high latitudes. In terms of variability, higher SST changes were observed in the warmer than in the cooler periods, ±2ºC and ±0.5ºC, respectively.
Holocene, alkenones, sea surface temperature
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