Testing systems to monitor atmospheric CO2, pH and pCO2 in the OBSEA submarine observatory

Pelejero, C.; Nogueras-Cervera, M.; Artero-Delgado, C.; Guallart, E. F.; López-Sanz, A.; Calvo, E.; Movilla, J.; Chavez, F. P.; Morguí, J. A.; Mànuel-Lázaro, A.
Instrumentation Viewpoint
Due to the increase, in last years, of carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the atmosphere we start monitoring with the expandable seafloor observatory OBSEA a variety of parameters related with ocean acidification. Our research team has installed an underwater pH sensor in the OBSEA observatory in order to compare the sea pH data with the CO2 data collected with an atmospheric CO2 sensor.
acidification, pH, CO2, pCO2
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