Antarctic deglacial pattern in a 30 kyr record of sea surface temperature offshore South Australia

Calvo, E.; Pelejero, C.; Deckker, P. De; Logan, G. A.
Geophysical Research Letters
L13707, doi:10.1029/
Comparison of ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica shows an asynchronous two-step warming at these high latitudes during the Last Termination. However, the question whether this asynchrony extends to lower latitudes is unclear mainly due to the scarcity of paleorecords from the Southern Hemisphere. New data from a marine core collected off South Australia (~36ºS) allows a detailed reconstruction of sea-surface temperatures over the Last Termination. This confirms the existence of an Antarctic-type deglacial pattern and shows no indication of cooling associated with the Northern Hemisphere YD event. The SST record also provides a new comparison with the more extensive paleoclimatic data available from continental Australia. This shows a strong climatic link between onshore and offshore records for Australia and to Southern Hemisphere paleorecords. We also show a progressive SST drop over the last ~6.5 kyr not seen before for the Australian region.
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